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Our goal is to create long-standing customer relationships based on 100% satisfaction with our work, technical expertise and knowledge of our customer's organization.

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Tango Software Development specializes in Custom IT Solutions for complex and demanding projects that may include but go beyond mainstream IT, GIS, and Telecom. Tango develops and builds fully customized IT systems and software and, where appropriate, integrates existing commercial software products as well as adding customized components to existing products.

It is the quality of the customization, integration, and implementation of commercial software, not the commercial software itself, that determines ultimate project success.


Exciting news!  Tango IT Services has joined forces and merged with TCB, Inc. effective November 1,2014.  TCB's website is:


The technicians that you have become familiar with at Tango have transitioned to TCB and will continue to service your account and be your primary technicians. They will be backed up by an excellent team of TCB technicians, who will provide support during peak times and during absences.


While the proven high-quality IT services, expert support, and interfaces with familiar technicians will remain the same, you will benefit from being serviced by a company which more extensive resources: 24/7 support, and the ability to do scheduled tasks during the night.